ASU Center for Organization Research and Design

What We Are Learning

SPRI and EPA's Office of Policy are collaborating to develop a space for the open sharing of evaluative knowledge that can be analyzed and synthesized to inform and improve environmental practices, learning, and policy development.

We are piloting this concept using IssueLab's public and open knowledge sharing space. We aim to (1) create an open source of information about servicizing and (2) learn more about servicizing approaches.

Questions of interest include:

  • Which servicizing approaches lead to greater environmental improvements?
  • Which servicizing product/service categories lead to greater cost savings?
  • How are servicizing contracts managed to address end-of-life concerns?
  • What is the best way to assess life-cycle costs of servicizing approaches?
  • How can servicizing be developed as part of an overall sustainable purchasing program?

This knowledge center is a collaborative space where you can add and share related information on servicizing and related topics.

We invite you to add relevant key findings and lessons learned from servicizing approaches to the collection. We also welcome your thoughts on the usefulness of this space for sharing evaluative knowledge. Please get in touch with us by emailing