ASU Center for Organization Research and Design

EPES: Engineering System for Optimization of Product Life-Cycle Through Adapted Eco-Services

by Alberto Armijo; Mikel Sorli

Sep 10, 2013

EPES system will consist of a set of interoperable ICT tools, which will enable the manufacturing and engineering companies enter into a continuous process of upgrading their products along their life cycle within the frame of the Virtual Factory and Product Service System concept, through a configurable and adaptable set of software services. The services will focus on improving the performance of products in operation taking into account different knowledge based aspects as reliability, availability, maintainability, costs, productivity, quality, energy efficiency, environmental impact, working environment, etc. In this regard, and having as a reference an industry driven Business Case focused on the windmill sector, the approach followed by EPES to generate and develop high added value services to support the windmill farms maintenance will be discussed. The capabilities resulting from the research will enable the capitalization on trustable global and local Sustainability Intelligence. Product engineering teams will be able to exploit this intelligence to adapt design, operation and disposal strategies through managed "eco-constraints" relevant to their market contexts.