ASU Center for Organization Research and Design

Performance Indicators for the Evaluation of Product-Service Systems Design: A Review

by Dimitris Mourtzis; Michael Doukas; Sophia Fotia

Aug 15, 2015

Recently, industries have shifted their focus on the combined ecosystem of products-services. The innovative business strategy of PSS provides an integrated solution that gives the potential for sustainability gains for both company and customer. Similarly to other business aspects, the PSS efficiency design is evaluated through performance indicators, during the phase of concept evaluation, which is the last phase before launching a product-service. This phase plays a critical role for the success of a PSS. A successful evaluation prevents design modifications or redesign, significantly reduces the cost and lead time of PSS development. There is however, limited work on integrated evaluation approaches for PSS design models, and also a lack of a collective accounting of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) devoted on PSS. The present work attempts to contribute in these directions, and proposes a conceptual framework for the effective evaluation of PSS design using important KPIs.